What is the time commitment for my child?

Regular meetings run September through May with dens meeting 2-3 times a month and the full pack meeting once a month. Den meetings last about an hour and pack meetings about 1 ½ hours.

What is the time commitment for me?

Cub Scouting is a family activity and parents attend and participate in all meetings and events with their child. Siblings can tag along at meetings, provided that distractions are kept to a minimum. Parents will also work with their Cub Scout on a few at-home achievements as they move through the program.

Where do meetings take place?

Pack 10 is continuing to follow COVID-19 and is working to take necessary precautions to keep our families safe. Pack Meetings take place at Adolphus Elementary on Winston Ranch Road in Long Meadow Farms. Den meetings
vary by den, with most at Adolphus, and outings at local parks.

What is the financial commitment?

Costs include:

·         Initial Sign Up for New Scouts in the Fall

o    BSA
Fees (Not Controlled by Pack): 
$75 (Pro-Rated Depending on Month Joined) Plus Optional $12 Boys Life Magazine and $25 One-Time Registration Fee

Annual Pack Fee (BSA Fees and Pack Related Expenses from January
2022 to December 2022)*

o    Lion Scouts (K): $150

o    Tiger(1st), Wolf(2nd), Bear(3rd), and Webelos (4th) Scouts: $200

o    Arrow of Light (5th) Scouts: $150

Cub Scout Uniforms and Accessories (Estimated Prices. Check
Scout Shop for Actual Prices)

o    Lions:
Blue Lion T-Shirt, Hat, and Guide Book ($50)

o    Tiger,
Wolf, Bear: Blue Short Sleeve Shirt with Patches and Emblems ($60). Official shorts/pants are Optional. Any navy-blue shorts or jeans may be worn. Belt to hold belt loop awards ($10), Book, hat, neckerchief and slide ($50)

o    Webelos and Arrow of Lights: Tan Short Sleeve Shirt with Patches and Emblems ($40). Official shorts/pants are Optional. Any forest green shorts or jeans may be worn. Webelos Rank Colors ($10), Book, hat, neckerchief and slide ($50)

Additional Possible Costs

o    There may be periodic costs for specific Den projects to cover materials.

o    Campouts may also carry an additional cost for adults and siblings (for food & supplies)

Financial assistance may be available (contact us to learn more!)

*Includes BSA’s 2022 Fees Totaling $95 per Scout.  Annual dues can be reduced through participation in Pack fundraisers.


Where do I buy the uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased at a Scout Shop (nearest is in Stafford) or, alternatively, online at www.scoutshop.org. The Scout Shop is always very helpful in guiding you to the correct items to purchase.

What is the organizational structure of the Cub Scouts?

Pack 10 belongs to the Coastal Plains District of the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Pack 10 is made up of Dens, which are grouped by ranks based on grade levels. There are separate dens for boys and for girls. We have Den Leaders for each Den, a Cubmaster and assistant Cubmaster who lead the overall Pack Program, and a Committee Chair and additional committee members who handle activities and administrative tasks. Pack 10 also has a Charter Organization – Morgan Elite Specialist Services, LLC.

Can I be an adult volunteer?

Absolutely! The Pack is 100% volunteer-led and run so adult volunteers are always needed. Pack 10 has a strong core of existing leadership, but there are always opportunities to lead or help out. There are positions with various levels of involvement and every volunteer makes an enormous impact.

Is Cub Scouting a religious organization?

Pack 10 has no religious affiliation and welcomes all participants. While there are Faith components to each Scouting rank, these are completed at home in a family setting or the church of each scouts’ choice.

Can anyone join Pack 10?

Yes. While Pack 10 recruits from Adolphus, Austin & Frost Elementary schools, all age appropriate children are welcome to join.