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Popcorn Updates

We rocked our first month of sales! It was great to see both the returning scouts and new scouts jumping into the selling season!

We will be at the Kroger in Brazos Town Center, Saturday Oct 14 & 21. Make sure to download the Trails End app on your phones to sign up for your shifts!


The Trails End app does NOT have a way to receive donations directly to the pack, only military donations. If someone wants to donate to the pack we can only accept cash donations. Please do not record a pack donation in the app.


Total sales per day will be divided equally per time worked between the scouts who signed up and completed their slot.

The first time slot of the day is responsible for picking up popcorn and supplies (tables, signage, etc.) from storage. The Popcorn Team will meet you at the storage unit at 7:30 am so you can set up and start sales on time. Opening scouts will earn 2.5 hours towards their shift.

Last time slot of the day will be responsible for packing up all items and returning everything to the storage unit at the end of the last shift. Let’s be sure to have this filled with more than one family, so this extra task is not left to just one person. Closing scouts will receive 2.5 hours towards their shift instead of 2 hours.

Please only sign up for one shift per weekend. If slots are still available the Thursday before the sales day, feel free to sign up for multiple shifts. This helps give all scouts a fair opportunity to earn their dues and other rewards.

Payment Options for Storefronts

  • Cash
  • Credit Card

For scout “no shows”/delays – See “Code of Conduct” under Resources

Call or text the Popcorn Kernel if you are running late, unable to attend, or if someone doesn’t show for their time slot and you need to leave.


This is where you input sales for door to door and friends/family.

The Popcorn Kernel will be at the storage facility before and after each storefront sales day and can have inventory ready for pick up. If you would like to have inventory to sell, contact the Popcorn Kernel (Thalicia) to arrange a pickup time.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Credit Card

If you choose to accept payments through an electronic methods to your personal E-accounts, you must cash out those payments when paying the pack. (Grandma sends you $20 through PayPal for popcorn, you then would need to get $20 in cash to turn into the popcorn kernel.) 


All online orders will ship directly to the customer! Orders may take up to a few weeks to ship and the customer will pay shipping costs. Any chocolate items ordered will not be shipped until late October to early November to ensure the quality of the products.

A seller ID has been assigned to each scout that can be entered during checkout so they receive credit for online sales.


  • Trails End will give an Amazon gift card to scouts that sell $500 or more!
  • Your Kernel is working on a fun way to celebrate and will announce details soon.

NOTE: Products offered online differ to storefront items in selection, size, and price!

Popcorn Kernel

Thalicia Dillon

Popcorn Storage Unit

Extra Space Storage
7940 West Grand Parkway South, Richmond, TX 77406


Dates to Remember

  • Oct 14 & 21: Storefront shifts at Brazos Town Center Kroger 7:30am-6:00pm
  • Oct 19: Wagon sales END, unsold popcorn and payments due to Popcorn Kernel (Thalicia)
  • Nov 4 & 11: Storefront shifts at Spring Green Kroger 7:30am-4:30pm – 1712 Spring Green Blvd. Katy, Tx 77494
  • Nov: Remaining Pack fees due
  • 31-Dec: Online sales end