There are several rules to keep in mind when camping with Scouts. We
ask that all adults in camp help to enforce the ground rules which are in
place for the safety of all involved.

• All parents are requested to take the Youth Protection Training (YPT).

• All individuals on site must have submitted two copies of the BSA
Health and Medical Record forms. If you are bringing someone that has
not submitted the forms to the pack this scouting year (forms must be
completed annually), then please fill out the forms and submit to our
Pack Membership Coordinator (Kaitlyn Valerian) as soon as possible.

• Bringing/consuming alcohol is prohibited (including in cars).

• Smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes are not prohibited but we request that it
not take place in plain sight of scouts on site.

• Youth cannot stay in a tent with a non-guardian adult (other scout
family, friends of the family, Uncle Joe, parent’s boyfriend/girlfriend). If
a scout’s family wishes to invite a non-guardian adult they cannot stay
in the same tent as the scout and would have to stay in a separate tent.

• All youth should use the buddy system (2-3 stay together) while on

• Adults must heed the “Two Deep” rule when together with youth at
camp. Two adults must be present at all times when together with
youth. This also applies to the drive to the facility.

• Camp gates are closed at 10pm each night, however it is possible to
leave at any time.

• Pets are not permitted at BSA run camps (including Bovay).