Completed Health Forms are Mandatory for ALL Campers!

You will not be allowed to stay without one submitted for each member of your family! Please return to your Den Leader or contact Jessica Medziuch to arrange drop off by April 1.

Click this link to print out the form: Health Form 680-001_AB



  • Fees Paid to Pack 10
    • Scouts: Free
    • Siblings Under 3 yrs: Free
    • Siblings 3+ yrs: $10 per Person
    • Adults: $20 per Person
  • Fees Paid at Park Entry (SFA Fee)
    • Kids (12 and Under): Free
    • Adult (13 and Over): $10

The camp fee paid to Pack 10 covers the group site, food and kitchen supplies as well as all supplies required for activities.

Key Information

Please read the following documents:

Camping Checklist

Park Address: Park Road 38, San Felipe, TX 77474

For more information about Stephen F. Austin State Park click here: 

Mess Kits

To reduce our environmental footprint, please bring a mess kit (like the one below) for each camper. Be sure to label it!

Completed Health Forms are Mandatory for ALL Campers!


  • Saturday Breakfast:  Muffins with Fruit Cup or Gogurt – Provided by Pack 10
  • Saturday Lunch: Hot Dogs or Chili Dogs and Chips – Provided by Pack 10
  • Saturday Dinner: Meatballs with Pasta and Garlic Bread  – Provided by Pack 10
  • Sunday Breakfast: Pancakes and Pork Sausage Links – Provided by Pack 10
  • Sunday Lunch: “Grab and Go” Picnic Items – Provided by Pack 10


Camp runs smoothly when everyone pitches in to help. We are 100% volunteer run.

To avoid too much being placed on leadership, there is also a section on the registration form for non-leader parents to sign up to help in various different roles, such as: meal preparation, serving & clean-up; refilling water coolers; starting, maintaining and extinguishing campfire, etc.

We placed everyone in their first choice of volunteer position as much as possible.  Assignments are linked above from red buttons.  Thank you for helping!


Payment by credit card through Pay Pal. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, contact Melissa Dirks or Gwen Kalkomey to coordinate drop off.

Please note: RSVPing in Scoutbook or in Facebook does not count as a registration for the camp-out. 

Please use the bottom below to pay for your registration. If you have questions on the amount owned, feel free to contact Gwen Kalkomey


Q: What time should we arrive?

A: Time change due to rain has families arriving at 8:00AM on Saturday, April 17th.  We are staying at the “Group Hall 2” camping site.  The gate house will not be open until 8:30, so proceed to our campsite and return at a later time to “check in”.  If you arrive after 8:30, expect to stop at the gate house to complete check in and pay the park entrance fee at that time.   

Q: What should we bring?

A: In addition to all items needed to sleep and stay dry, don’t forget a refillable water bottle, a flashlight, and toiletries/towel if you want to clean up in the onsite bathrooms/showers.  See the Pack 10 Camping Checklist for more ideas of what to pack.

Q: What should we wear?

A: Dress for the weather with comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.  We suggest rain boots/old shoes that can get muddy, a rain jacket, and extra dry clothes since showers are still possibly Satuday.  Scouts are asked to wear Pack 10 T-shirts on Saturday and any other scout T-shirt on Friday/Sunday.  Leaders are asked to wear uniforms on Saturday and scout T-shirts on Friday/Sunday.  


Q: What if my Den Leader is not coming to the campout?

A: Don’t worry!  If your scout’s Den Leader cannot make the camping trip, we will still have age appropriate outdoor activities for every rank to enjoy.

Q: Who do I contact if I have other questions?

A: Contact Gwen Kalkomey (Pack 10’s Events Coordinator) or Curtis Baade (Pack 10’s Outdoor Chair).